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795 Sandoval Way,
Hayward, CA 94544
Phone: (510) 487-3580
Fax: (510) 487-6830

License # 486789
C-27, A - Engineering,
B - Construction,
C-33 Painting/Decorating

6914 E Parkway Norte,
Mesa, AZ 85212
Phone: (480) 882-9553
Fax: (480) 882-3488

ROC208324 — Dual Engineering, Residential & Commercial
ROC208322 — Dual Building Contractor, Residential & Commercial
ROC208327 — Landscape and Irrigation Systems, Residential & Commercial
Arborist Certification # WE-7461A
Spray License # OPM865

Owner - President George A. Pacheco Jr. George@pachecobrothers.com
Owner - Vice President Gary L. Pacheco Gary@pachecobrothers.com
Owner - Treasurer/Secretary Lynn Pacheco Lynn@pachecobrothers.com
General Manager Richard Sims Rich@pachecobrothers.com
Operations Manager Karl Pacheco Karl@pachecobrothers.com
Arizona Area Manager Mark Pacheco Mark@pachecobrothers.com
Area Foremen    
Hayward Foreman Braulio Canales Braulio@pachecobrothers.com
Livermore Foreman Tom Reiser Tom@pachecobrothers.com
Antioch/Oakley Foreman Martin Delgado Martin@pachecobrothers.com
Arizona Foreman Rafael Canales Rafael@pachecobrothers.com
Maintenance — HOA and Commercial Roy Brazil Roy@pachecobrothers.com
Maintenance — Municipal and Sports Field Svcs Neal Hornbeck Neal@pachecobrothers.com
Landscape Design and Construction    
East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula Yeana Cho Yeana@pachecobrothers.com
Tri-Valley Gary Pacheco Gary@pachecobrothers.com
East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula Terry Raymond Terry@pachecobrothers.com
Accounts Receivable Lori Drawdy Lori@pachecobrothers.com
Human Resources Trudy Link Trudy@pachecobrothers.com


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